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May 15, 2014, Guinness World Record Ocean Rowers, Angela Madsen (US) and Tara Remington (NZ) rowed about 2560 miles from Pete Archer Rowing Center in Long Beach, CA and arrived at Waikiki Yacht Club in Honolulu, HI on July 19, 2014.    They rowed the 19 ft Ocean Rowing Boat, "Spirit of Orlando" nonstop without a support boat for 60 days and 1 hour to the finish.

Angela is Rowing for charity The California Adaptive Rowing Program ( and donations can be made at

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Thanks to the Paralympic sports clubs arranging the support for the 2013 departure from Santa Cruz and arrival in Honolulu.  So them your support by donating, volunteering, or offering kind words on Facebook.


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Angela Madsen

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by Cristina Goyanes

Angela has worked with Mark McAndrew at Concept 2 to obtain 4 ergs (Concept 2 Model E Indoor Rowers) that she will take to events to further the sport of Indoor Adaptive Rowing.  Angela is hoping to get more VA's involved in the sport.  When they are not on the road, the ergs will be Angela's new erg studio at her house.  Please contact her if you are interested in having the ergs visit your event or would like to visit the ergs in the erg studio.  We have the Concept 2 Race software so we will be able to actually RACE the ergs.

On June 8, 2013 Angela Madsen will launch her boat "Spirit of Orlando" from the Yacht Club in Santa Cruz, CA and row solo, unsupported and nonstop to the Waikiki Yacht Club in Honolulu, HI.  She is expected to arrive there 80 to 100 days later.  During the row she will be available for interviews via Satellite telephone and we will also be attempting some pod-casting.  There will be a tracking page on this website where you can monitor her progress and send her short messages during her journey.

2007-Atlantic Ocean Crossing, RowofLife—66 days
2008-Paralympics in Beijing-Rowing
2009-Indian Ocean Crossing, Pirate Row- 58 days
2010-Row Around Great Britain, SeaGals- 51 days
2011-Atlantic Ocean Crossing, Big Blue- 47 days
2012-Paralympics in London-Shot Put & Javelin(Bronze Medal Shot)
2013-TransPac Solo Row, CA2HI rescued day 8
2014 TransPac Row with Tara Remington  50-60 days?

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